Phoenix, AZ


Residential Kitchen

American Electric Solutions is specialized in upgrade residential kitchen such as outlets replacement, light fixtures, install new kitchen equipment.


Ansul  systems for commercial kitchens is a NFPA(National Fire Protection Agency) safety requirement and your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Mostly commonly used fire suppression system in commercial/industrial kitchens is wet chemical system. The wet chemical suppress fire by a process called Saponification. for more information click on the YouTube video link.




Structured Wiring Low Voltage is also known as Structured Wiring and it refers to the wiring and cabling infrastructure within your home that supports various digital technologies, from wiring required to support a simple service such as telephone, to a complex infrastructure required for routing ultra high definition video streams from multiple sources to multiple…
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Designs American Electric Solution is working closely with lighting designers and architects specialized in interior lighting designs that bring professional and aesthetic approaches into projects of all sizes. Daylighting Today's technology allows us to promote the natural sunlight into the  building industry and to reduce lighting and saving energy, also in helping to create a stimulating and…
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