Phoenix, AZ

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American Electric solutions is a family owned electrical company, and has been in the electrical business for over 27 years. We moved from Chicago to Phoenix and reestablished in the electrical business. AES has been certified, licensed, bonded and insured since 2007 in the State of Arizona and is assisting and serving Phoenix and the entire Valley.

Our vision and strategic priorities define our overall direction, also our customers recognize us for the quality of services and sustainable solutions in all projects.

We perform on the basis of structured work processes and lean principles, also we are committed to high standards and show respect for all people. American Electric Solutions believes in business success and understand "There is no success without happy customers"(AES Team). We moved to Phoenix in 2001 and for the first couple of years had to face the unusual, unpredicted weather that was never experienced before, especially in construction trade family. "If you cope with the weather for the first couple of years, than you are ready for the next couple of hundred of years"(AES Team). Yes, we have made it this far, so we are good to go. We love it here now. Thank you Phoenix for having us!

John Ionita  -  President