Phoenix, AZ

Commercial services

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Finished Projects

Our team is committed to quality and excellence in every job. No job is to small or to big!
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Commercial Sub Panels

Install new or replace existing electrical panels for any size commercial building
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Lighting Technologies

Lighting design ideas and new improvements
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Power Distribution Panels

Installation of large SES panels for large commercial buildings
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We do it all!

Building, powering, everything from A to Z

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Our Company is a inspired trusted team

As we all know, time is money, but "TRUST" is also money. We as a reputable electrical company, strive to get it right the first time and earn your 100% trust.

The most important task in sales is establishing the relationship. Our company is committed to always fulfill it's obligation. We see lack of quality present everywhere, Our solution is rather to go the opposite way, that is why we are registered with Better Business Bureau, and let the professionals speak for us. Fore more information please click on the BBB seal below and find out more..

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Our management team

  • Ene John I.

    John is the President of American Electric Solution. In 2007 he became certified for K-11…
  • Catalin

    Project Manager
    Catalin started as an electrical technician for American Electric Solutions in 2008. He  worked hard…
  • Robert

    Sales Manager
    In 2014 Robert accepted to take the Sales Manager position due to our sales expanding rapidly. He…
  • David

    Lighting Specialist
    David has the expertise in Commercial and Residential Lighting Design, Lighting Improvement, and much more.…
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Our commitment to quality is vital

We don’t promise, we act! Our business model drives superior results. Click on the Better Business Bureau Seal for more information about us.

American Electric Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review

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Contact us

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